Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

(Accredited by NBA,New Delhi,Validity upto 30.06.2026)

  • Electrical  Machines  lab

The Electrical Machines Laboratory has various electrical machines such as single phase transformers, DC Generators, DC motors, 3-phase induction motors and 3-phase Alternator. Students will do experiments on both static and rotating electrical machines,so, that they gain practical knowledge on speed control of various rotating motors and voltage control of transformers and alternators etc. The laboratory equipment can also be used for doing project works related to electrical machines and energy conversion. This lab experience will help the students for selection of motors and their application in various industries.

  • AEC & Op Amp lab 

It is an integrated course and it provides the core knowledge of different components like Resistors, Inductor, Capacitor, diodes, transistors, function generator, cathode ray oscilloscope for conducting experiments of clippers, campers, amplifier, oscillators, and plotting characteristics of transistor in different configurations. Operational amplifiers had their origins in analog computers, where they were used to perform mathematical operations in linear, non-linear and frequency dependent circuits.

  •  Electric Circuit Analysis Lab

Electric Circuit Analysis Lab is an integrated lab which students are going to study in third semester. In this, students are able to analyze the basic concepts, laws and Theorems practically. Here, students are able to discuss and design different resonance circuits, create their own electrical circuits and do measurements. This Lab has supporting equipments such as CRO, AFO, RPS with different capacities,ammeter, voltmeter, multimeter to perform most of electrical circuits design and analysis.

  • Power Electronics lab 

The lab aims at imparting practical knowledge of Power Electronics to the students at various levels. It is accordingly well equipped with equipment's and trainer kits to teach practical from fundamentals to high level concepts to the students. This laboratory is equipped with various modules for characteristic curve analysis of power electronic devices (viz. MOSFET, IGBT, diac, Triac, thyristors and UJTs) and experimental setup of converters, inverters, choppers and speed control of motors.

  • Microcontrollers lab

Microcontrollers laboratory course helps the students to develop their knowledge on processor architecture and the programming skills. This laboratory course provides hands-on experience to interface I/O devices, perform A/D and D/A conversions, design traffic light etc. The skills acquired through the experiments help the students to do their projects and enhance their knowledge on the latest trends and technologies. This laboratory provides facilities for the use of 8/16 bit microcontrollers and their interfacing for different applications, using hardware and software concepts to meet industry standards.

  • Control Systems lab

In this lab, students are able to understand the working of dc and ac servo motors. And applications of different types of controllers, compensating networks, and unit step response of second order system. Students are able to simulate different stability methods that is Roots locus, Bode plot, Nyquist plot through MATLAB. 

  • DSP lab

This laboratory provides the basic knowledge of programming in matlab. It includes programming like verification of sampling theorem, finding the values of DFT and IDFT using different methods, designing of butterworth filter and IIR filter, finding solution for differential equations.

  • Relay & High Voltage Lab

This deals with the different Relays used in high voltage application, operating characteristics of different relays, and different scheme of protection for generators. Spark over characteristic of air insulation subjected to different condition .

  • Power System Simulation Lab

The Power System Simulation Laboratory is one of the laboratories that focus on developing the simulation application and analysis of the Electric Power System, located in room TF.311, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department – JIT. Power System Simulation Laboratory aims to create knowledge about concepts related to power system analysis through digital platform. The students can able to simulate the studies like Power Angle Diagrams, Generation Scheduling, Load Flow Analysis, Fault analysis and stability analysis using MATLAB/SCILAB.

  • Project Lab

Project laboratory provides an opportunity for students to gain knowledge as well as hands-on experience in creative skills needed for Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It is a platform which encourages students to develop creative proposals and execute their ideas. Major hardware equipments such as IC tester, CRO, multimeters, Induction motor module, two way and three way switch control are available. Few software are also available which will help for circuit simulation.      


A separate departmental library has been setup for the benefit of EEE faculty and students. The books present in the library gives the immense knowledge to users, other than prescribed text books, the Library also consists of reference books related to subject which are taught in the course.





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